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Arla Foods Limited

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Client Arla
Skills Coaching, Learning Development, Team Development

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Arla Foods is a Danish/UK co-operative dairy business with brands such as Lurpak Butter, Anchor and Cravendale Milk and is the eighth largest dairy company in the world. Over several years, we have steadily built a relationship with Arla Foods, moving across formal programmes, specific team development and capital projects.

Initially we designed and delivered their UK-based High Potential Leadership Programme. This emphasised leadership, diversity and rapid innovation over a nine month development journey and involved working with psychometric development tools such as FIRO-B, working with actors on impact and influence and challenging assumptions in creative workshops with Mind the Gap.

Since then we have worked with specific teams in Organisational Development, Marketing, Distribution and Manufacturing. This, in turn, led to one of our most ambitious projects, which was to work on the development of the Senior Leadership Team tasked with building and then running a whole new dairy outside Aylesbury. The key themes here were to quickly create a “sense of place” and a high performance community with a “one team ethos” based on performance, feedback and coaching. The additional challenge was the constant evolution of this leadership team as they progressed from planning and construction through into production. This smooth transition from “hard hats and high vis” to “white coats and hair nets” required a strong commitment to leadership behaviours and exceptional clarity of purpose that could cascade throughout this new community.

Most recently, we were delighted to be asked to design and deliver a significant part of the Arla global high potential Talent Accelerator Programme. Based in Copenhagen and lasting over several days, our contribution to this annual programme draws together some of the brightest and most ambitious young leaders from across the business, where we work with them on extended simulations, coaching and creating an agile leadership context.

Working with People Create, in particular Mark, Liz and Ben is an amazing experience. They are not only experts within their own right but work collaboratively to understand our business needs and can creatively design and deliver solutions and interactions that are both inspiring and that drive performance. They have fun whilst delivering really professional communication and pre-work that is truly aligned to our business. There are no “off the shelf” options, instead true partnership and trust. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jo Smedley, Global Leadership Development Consultant, Arla Foods