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Project Info

Client Dyson
Skills Personal Impact, Influence, Leadership

Project Description

We work with Dyson to develop the story telling and influencing skills of their designers and engineers, so they are better equipped to garner support for their ideas and better placed to shape decisions and resource allocation. This work involves understanding personality traits and preference whilst flexing communication styles and behaviours.

Liz Margree used to work in theatre, so our methodology here is based in how she worked with actors to develop their stage presence. As you might imagine for Dyson, this is not a mundane “Presentation Skills by Numbers” workshop but a carefully crafted balance of creative pre-work, positive psychology, influence theory and lots and lots of practice.

We are passionate about enabling leaders to be really comfortable ‘in the spotlight’ – being relaxed, calm and in control so they can really show their potential. It is about getting beyond that sudden feeling of being observed by people that matter to you and instead being confident, commanding and influential when you choose to be.

Key themes that we cover with Dyson are:

  • Establishing sustained gravitas and authority, regardless of the context
  • Developing a defined personal brand/reputation, particularly in meetings with teams, with internal and external stakeholders and clients
  • Dealing with stage fright
  •  Running or participating positively in conference calls and video conferencing
  •  Generating leadership charisma
  •  Influencing and encouraging diverse personalities
  •  Creating compelling narratives and engaging others in your mission
  •  Delivering memorable, high impact speeches and preparing presentations for conferences, board meetings etc

We have also been working recently with Dyson in Singapore, where they have design offices and production facilities in nearby Malaysia. Here we were working to build the leadership skills and influencing power of local factory managers who are seen as key resources in the rapidly expanding world of Dyson.