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Project Info

Client Ernst & Young
Skills Changing Culture, Client Relations

Project Description

Our brief was to engage staff in the impending office move to the prestigious Bridgewater Place development in Leeds. We really wanted to co-create something that achieved three significant successes in one project:

  • Involve Ernst & Young people in shaping their new working environment
  • Create a sense of cohesion and “connectedness” across teams moving from three floors in the old office to one open plan floor
  • Develop a powerful client message that centres on the talents and stories of the individuals working for them.

This was the starting point for “Developing Ernst & Young” – a photography project that involved 350 black and white disposable cameras, mass staff participation, a professional photographer, a gallery curator and an amazing client launch.

Over a period of three weeks just before the move, every person working in the Yorkshire office was given a small camera and a creative brief to capture what they valued outside of work and what they valued about each other in work. And the results were amazing!

With the images we got back we were able to create a truly impressive, curated gallery of framed black and white photos. These are now displayed throughout the workspaces, meeting rooms, Boardrooms, corridors and communal areas. They were also used extensively to form the centrepiece and theme of the client launch of the new office.

In terms of outcomes for Ernst & Young, they now have:

  • A new working environment that people feel at home in
  • Engaged and involved staff who know a little more about each other
  • Compelling images on their walls that everybody can relate to,

…all resulting in a very strong and engaging story for clients about the values and talents of the Ernst & Young teams they are working with.