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T Systems

T Systems

Project Info

Client T Systems
Skills Team Performance Development, Project Team Formation, Coaching, Client Relations

Project Description

Our client at T Systems was leading a significant project, bidding for a multi-million euro contract to design and build cutting edge telecoms infrastructure. Winning this bid was going to be tough and he wanted to emphasise how the international expertise and depth of experience of T Systems could pull together to deliver. In order to get this absolutely right, he knew he had one opportunity to build a convincing, creative and technically robust team.

And this is where we came in; using films, idea generation techniques, simulations and facilitated workshops, we helped the team come together over around a clear sense of their journey ahead. Over two days, we worked with a multi-national group of fifty technical experts to create a compelling case for T Systems, based on a genuine sense of collaboration, bravery and trust.

What happened next?

We are delighted to say that T Systems were successful in winning the tender in the face of stiff competition and whilst we obviously cannot take credit for the whole endeavour, we like to think we played our part.

We have since been helping them with a range of activities as they move into the delivery phase. This has involved working with an expanded team as a whole, in specialist work streams and with some key individuals across the UK and in Germany. We have continued to emphasise the importance of trust, communication and courage.

T-Systems have worked with People Create in a range of ways – from facilitating larger conference days with participants from across Europe to kick off big deal bids, through to helping our top teams perform together, as well as one to one coaching with senior leaders in personal impact and running days to facilitate best practice with our key business partners. They are consistently creative, responsive and flexible. They have integrity in what they deliver, work extremely hard to ensure they get the results we’re after and are highly skilled in what they offer.

People Create have in my opinion a truly market leading value proposition to offer to businesses, be they SME’s or global organisations such as T-Systems. By utilising some of the best consultancy resources available in the market, they have developed an approach that absolutely delivers tangible results. The team consistently works to brief whilst in parallel delivering additional softer benefits that support team working, performance and harmony in areas that may not have been even apparent at the beginning of the engagement. The teams’ ability to energise diverse international teams and cultures, to unite them in focusing on a common goal in support of challenging business objectives, makes an investment with Mark and the team an extremely valuable and personally satisfying experience. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending People Create to any business looking to build team performance and create engagement with staff, partners and clients. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Jon Davies, Account Director, T-Systems