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Client UBS Investment Bank
Skills Leadership Development

Project Description

With UBS, we have been on a journey that has taken us from London to New York to Hong Kong and back again working with some of the most talented leaders in one of the world’s largest investment banks.

UBS was one of our very first clients and from our first tentative meeting we built a relationship of mutual trust, creative challenge and collaborative working. Between us we have created exciting new work that has stretched both them and us, from workshops on personal impact through to recent thinking about collaborative creativity and innovation.

We have been asked to do a broad range of challenging development projects with UBS over the last few years and a little while back our client, who is responsible for the Early Career Development Programme, presented us with our single biggest logistical challenge to date. We are used to working with lots of people, often in complex formats, but we don’t often get asked to work with 160 all in one go. We wanted the session to be intimate and tailored so instead of working with the whole group together, we suggested delivering four identical workshops, in parallel, with eight facilitators running with the same bespoke material.

The content of this work was subtle and a potential minefield of misunderstanding; asking a multi-national group of young, bright individuals about to embark upon a career with one of the world’s largest investment banks, to reflect upon their problem solving and decision making preferences and to consider how they were going to extend their influence beyond their immediate, relatively limited authority and set about creating a personal reputation and brand that would be the foundation of their careers.

This complexity meant creating a clear narrative that all the facilitators could appreciate completely so that we all hit the key learning points, whilst giving us the freedom and discretion to work in the most effective way with our specific participants.

The outcomes of this complex and high profile endeavour included a cohort of more engaged, focussed participants who now appreciate how their future success is as contingent on how they relate to others as it is on what they deliver. It was also a moment of great learning and personal satisfaction for our business too.

Working with both Mark Wright and Liz Margree has been a refreshing change for me. They are two extremely bright creative people. They are extremely candid about what they can and can not do. This rare quality engenders a lot of trust with me. They keep their commitments and deliver stellar work. They push both themselves and their clients from a position of comfort to a place that delivers more progressive and satisfying results. I very much enjoy my relationship with them. They get us!”

Julius James, Executive Director, UBS Investment Bank