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Taking away the scaffolding…

Every once in a while, a client asks us for something really challenging; something that will expose the team or individuals to a whole new level of experience; an opportunity to remove the leadership scaffolding and see if they can still stand up. When this happens, one of my first calls is usually to an amazing theatre company of disabled actors that we have been working with over the last few years.

What we really appreciate about working with Mind the Gap is that, first and foremost, we are working with actors, with all the creativity and intensity that is intrinsic to their trade. Secondly, they are people with disabilities. And whilst they can often feel marginalised in a wider society, in this context, they are the absolute experts.

When we bring clients here to work on a creative project, we are clear that this is not a Diversity Awareness programme; it is leadership and team development without a safety net; working with experts who create, think and behave in ways that might not always be familiar. So how do you adapt and flex to working in these new conditions, creating compelling outcomes, in a short timeframe, with people that you have not met before, who are experts in their field and might think very differently to you?

From our perspective, the translation of these powerful experiences into conversations about the reality of “agile leadership in complex, matrix-driven organisations” seems like a pretty clear step.

 Thank you to Mind the Gap for letting us work with you and for giving us such an amazing day! All the actors were so friendly, enthusiastic and passionate that it made me want to get involved from the beginning. I didn’t know what to expect but somehow I feel better off.”

Arla Marketing Team

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