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about people create

What we have realised is that we don’t have to be big to be powerful. Instead, we are light on our feet, quick and creative, delivering wherever we need to be, face to face or virtually.

who we are and what we do

We formed People Create Limited in 2007, determined to transform the ways that leaders learn their craft.

We set out with the ambition of making leadership development a joyful, creative experience, regardless of sector, geography or hierarchy.

And today, we still hold firm to that belief, helping organisations, teams and individuals around the world to be their very best.

we are agile

Every project we work on is bespoke and when we put together a team, it is a carefully chosen blend of the skills, experiences and personalities that will deliver best for you and those around you.

This approach also means we can work equally with individual leaders, whole teams or entire organisations, virtually, face to face, or a mix of both.

we are international

People Create is a UK-based company with colleagues in Switzerland and Germany and whilst the recent circumstances have seen us working more virtually, we still retain the ability and experience to work anywhere in the world.

We have ventured from the rainforests of Brazil to the far reaches of the Australian Outback and the frozen north of Finland, always striving for workable, tangible solutions that are globally relevant, locally appropriate.

we areĀ resourceful

We are creative, resourceful problem-solvers, always tapping into the energy, ideas and depth of experience of our associates.

This select group of development professionals shares our passion for transformative development together we demonstrate how high calibre, diverse individuals can perform in any team combination and size.

why does what we do matter?

our clients consistently tell us that they need:

  • inspirational, authentic leadership development
  • creative, resilient teams that face into change
  • individuals with credibility, influence and personal impact
  • creativity and imagination applied to real business issues
  • a compelling narrative that brings strategy to life

how do we work?

We take very seriously the trust placed in us and a tailored, thoughtful approach to both design and delivery is always our starting point.

The development challenge is rarely simple; it needs courage, curiosity and dedication and we are committed to helping individuals and groups unlock and sustain their potential, creating conditions for them to learn, explore and deliver results.

we are specialists in developing:

  • agile teams that deliver tangible results
  • inspiring and resilient leaders right across organisations
  • game changing business solutions that people believe in
  • teams that co-create sustainable high performance
  • positive change and resilience in the face of challenge

what do we create?

in practice, this means we deliver:

  • High Potential, Graduate and Senior Leadership Development Programmes
  • Board and Executive Leadership Team Programmes
  • Performance Development and Coaching with intact teams
  • Organisational behaviour and culture change
  • Individual Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Project Team formation, delivery and recovery
  • Programmes that foster and drive innovation and creativity