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our approach

Doing things differently – whether it is changing one challenging relationship or shifting the focus of a whole organisation – takes determination, fresh thinking and effort. You need inspiration, support and constructive dialogue.

This is where we really come into our own…

what you would expect

You would naturally expect us to create excellent work, to be completely credible and be fully committed. You would also reasonably expect us to come with a wealth of experience, delivering wherever and whenever you need.

And we totally do all of that!

Drawing upon our extensive experience in international commercial, social and cultural businesses, we can help you leverage your development with workshops, personal coaching, team facilitation, meeting observation and real-time team coaching. And, as you would expect, this is all wrapped up with sensitive diagnostic work, professional programme design and smooth project management.

What sets us apart

We are deliberately personal; creating strong client relationships based on flexibility, openness and enjoyment. We craft bold, challenging solutions that are as unique as you are.

All our work, whether it is an entire leadership programme or a single workshop, is specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual client.

Every person, business and culture we work with is different and we believe people develop and perform to their best when they are at the centre of their own learning.

What brings us together

We have spent a lot of time with learning and development professionals from some of the largest, smallest, most established and most forward-thinking companies in the UK and overseas. We bring a wealth of interesting stories and insights.

We are intensely collaborative, both within our own team and with our clients, co-creating great work that is ambitious, rigorous and compelling.

We push each other to always go beyond ordinary and never settle for second best.

We listen, we reflect, we play and we challenge.

using psychometric tools

We are qualified and experienced in using a range of psychometric tools to provide insight and unlock conversations. By selecting the most appropriate one, we can accelerate individual and team understanding and create a shared vocabulary for development.

The tools that have most frequently and consistently helped us are:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

A well-proven and widely understood psychometric that is great for individuals and teams who will benefit from understanding how innate preference and learned behaviour combine to form the basis of personality.

We use MBTI a lot with early career individuals and teams that need a vocabulary to talk about psychological diversity, personal chemistry and communication.

Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour (FIRO-B)

We have found FIRO-B to be an extremely valuable tool, particularly for teams under pressure or whole organisations undergoing rapid transition.

It lends itself to leadership conversations about responses to change and also how individual psychological needs, particularly under pressure, drive behaviours which, in turn, create organisational culture.

Hogan Leadership Inventory

We tend to use the Hogan Leadership Inventory in mid- to senior-level leadership development where a challenging and comprehensive input is required.

It is a comprehensive, three-part tool that is direct and wide-ranging, exploring the positive aspects of our leadership reputation, our likely ‘derailers’ and our underpinning motives and values, linked to organisational fit.