No Good News or Bad News, Just Transparency

This week People Create were in Geneva, Switzerland spending two days with an IT security team in their new “state of the art” offices, equipped with its very own Situation Room bunker, interactive walls and all manner of clever devices.

They are already a team that is working well together and refreshingly, rather than resting on their laurels, they are keen to “future proof” their performance as they expand and develop. As they consider adopting an agile approach to their work, the team is keen to build competency in the underpinning leadership and team behaviours that typify excellent Scrum teams and that will ensure their resilience as they evolve.

These first two days with the team were all about observing groups and individuals in their meetings, getting to know them better and starting to understand some of the underlying dynamics and personalities in the room.

From here we will work with them to create a leadership context where an agile approach can flourish; one built on flattening the hierarchy, improving communication skills, creating safe feedback loops and nurturing trust in a rapidly changing environment.  Creating the agile team, IT Security Workshop Geneva

It was heartening to hear them reference Ken Schwaber, software developer and pioneer of the Scrum framework, in acknowledging the deep need for non-judgemental, open dialogue:

No good news or bad news, just transparency

All too often, we observe teams in dialogue, particularly in competency-driven environments, where the opposite is true; a rush to judgment, a need to be right or to defend a position, which does little to create the psychological safety necessary for sustainable high performance.

We work with a number of clients who take an agile approach and, in our experience, the ones who really make it fly are those who take the underpinning behavioural principles seriously and work hard to get these right as they establish their new ways of working.

If you are curious to know more about high-performance teams and how we work to support an agile approach, please just get in touch.

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