Fast Fish Eating Slow Fish

This week saw People Create working in London, Paris and then on to Chester.

Monday is all about helping a leading cultural organisation design a leadership programme fit for the future of the cultural sector. Key conversations revolved around:

  • The importance of blended learning
  • The challenge of balancing the intimacy of residentials and the accessibility of online
  • Challenging an existing mind-set of provision, creating a series of bold, compelling alternatives.

 The following day we are in Paris for a global event with Phileo Lesaffre, working in conjunction with our Swiss partners, Mobilizing Teams International. The two-day retreat challenged senior leaders to:

  • Lead in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.
  • Explore how globally regional teams be even more customer-obsessed?
  • Combine RARE qualities (Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness, Empathy) to make this a reality.
  • Ensure a culture of ETDBW: Easy To Do Business With!

And the most memorable phrase of the day?

“It is no longer about big fish eating little fish, it’s about fast fish eating slow fish”

 On Friday, Mark Wright joined Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment in Chester for their 2019 AGM, delivering a keynote presentation on the evolving nature of teams in the workplace. We covered a lot of ground; starting from the very beginning with the Ringelmann Effect, Social Loafing and inhibited cockroaches, before moving on to consider different types of tasks and teams, before concluding with a conversation about superstitious pigeons and self-limiting elephants.

And as slight aside, here is an example of a “criterion task”. Can you work out the next letter in each series?

J F M A M _

O T T F F _

If you want to know more about any of these concepts including the Ringelmann Effect let us know by getting in touch. In the meantime we will be looking at many of these concepts in future blog posts.

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